What are the common causes of excessive sweating?

The body has many ways of reacting to certain conditions around us. Sweating happens to be one of the most common ways to react. It is a natural occurrence that influences our next cause of action. Not to mention the fact that it is a safe way of reacting to certain instances. It removes all manner of harmful toxins from the body. However, excessive sweating is not always a sign of health. During a few cases, we find ourselves sweating unnecessarily and begin to expect nothing but the worst.

Common causes of excessive sweating


Most people certainly get sweaty when anxiety is at its peak. It could be that they are either reacting to a worrying situation or it is a disorder in itself. It may come as a surprise to some of us that anxiety is a disorder. The hard part comes when you have to determine whether you are going through the normal kind of anxiety or the one where you have to see a specialist. Your level of sweating should be your guiding factor. If you sweat profusely even during odd times of the day, you have reason to seek medical advice.

High temperatures

Most of us can attest to the fact that you hardly ever use a blanket at night during the summer. Temperatures are at their peak, and not even the air conditioner can do much in regulating them. It will definitely have its toll on you if you are not appropriately dressed. At this time, you are expected to adopt a certain kind of dress code. This will lower the levels at which your body releases sweat. As much as your body has its way of adapting to circumstances such as these, it is not good to overwork it.

Side effects of certain medication

hfghgfhgfhfghfghghEvery medication you take will definitely lead to some sort of side effect. Not forgetting the fact that this is a very common way of our bodies to react to certain medications. With others, you will find yourself falling asleep at the oddest hours of the day. A good doctor will warn you of what to expect after taking drugs that are new to your system.


This comes about as a result of changes in weather patterns. Most of us are just not used to the chilly and rainy weather. As a result of this weather, mosquitoes are brought about and transmit malaria. One of the evident signs of malaria is fever which involves heavy sweating. You will even go to bed only to wake up and find your covers wet because of intense sweating.

Withdrawal symptoms of a certain addiction

fdgdfgdfgdfgdfgWhen addicted to alcohol or some sort of drug, one of the withdrawal symptoms have to be heavy sweating. Regardless of how deep you are into your withdrawal program, the mere thought of your source of addiction will create a vacuum in your mind.

Your body then begins to release sweat because you are not able to gain access to the source of drug or alcohol. Experts advise on the importance of certified medical drugs to curb this kind of problem.