Reasons People Use Drugs

A large population of people all over the world abuse drugs. Drugs work on the brain’s pleasure and at the end give emotional highs. Let’s take for example cocaine; it gives a feeling of confidence, more energy, and high self-esteem. This is among many other reasons why people engage in drugs.

Why take drugs

Peer pressure

esdrffghgdfgThis is very common among teenagers. In fact, many people get into that habit of taking drugs in their teenage age. If a teenager realizes that the parents, teacher, and other peers are smoking or drinking alcohol, he will want to try. Peers influence each other to take drugs, they even see it on social media and television. The situation gets easy because the drugs are readily available at a low price hence easy to purchase.


Individuals who cannot stand being alone, or do not have anything to keep them busy are major victims of drug abuse. They look for anything to occupy and fill in space in their inner self. Drugs are good at doing that hence the teen or even adult find themselves taking them to keep their minds busy and occupied.

Lack of confidence

It has been reported that, if a teen lacks confidence they take drugs for them to do things they would otherwise not have done. For instance, if you went to a party with friends, and you are a bad dancer, teen believes that taking drugs let’s say alcohol or cocaine, gives you the confidence to dance. They will do if for other reason like finding the confidence to approach a girl you have been attracted to. Drugs are also known to alleviate your anxiety. You will find a drug person saying different things, saying stupid things and acting all weird. This automatically tells they have had too much weed or alcohol.


szdxfdfgcThis is the major and unavoidable cause of drug abuse. It is affecting many teens. Every young adult has a friend who claims to be an expert in taking a certain drug. They tell how good it feels when high and the mysterious things they can do. They go ahead to ensure the innocent kid that the consequences are minimal and that they cannot get addicted. It is at this point as a parent or guardian; you are supposed to talk and educate your kid about drugs, tell them the effects and why it is not good to start taking them.